Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Awakening

The mountain awakes at 5 am
Before that
audible silence

I  go out with my camera.
To experience the awakening
of the birds and my new camera lens

I  take  note of  the direction
from which their songs arise;
Their communication
with themselves
each other,

One  by one
they arrive
together, a crescendo

 one song

I notice  them
throughout the day
they, now
my  co-pilots

and then
In the same manner in which their song arose
They decide on silence
A time for every purpose

and suddenly
only their silence remains

It seems like I am alone:
but only for a moment.

Awake or asleep
I revisit
how pure the revisiting

away for a moment
or  an eternity
Awake or asleep

Only for a moment
at a time.

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