Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Whys and Wherefores of it All

Separating things
easier to digest 
and use 
and find

is the mother in me, 
the idealist in me,
the practical-ist in me

the consolidator in me

clawing her way into the light
with a roll of wrapping paper
some bows 
and a pair of scissors, me,

to deliver
what's presented
itself to me

In the most obvious way that I can, me.

Which is to say, 
"and the Angels sing"
and although I thought I was an Alto, 
I release a drawn out Soprano "ahhhh"

which is the result 
of a complete exhalation.

a decision.

Which is a relief 
of profound proportions

Where there is a Will,
There is a Way, me.

May I introduce you,

to Me.

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