Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's Always another Train

New trains  leave the station throughout the day, going various places. 
Some are direct and some take detours. 
Each day you step up to the ticket box to get your ticket. 
A  snap decision may wind you in the wrong neck of the woods.
 If you fall asleep in transit, you may miss your stop. 
But a new train leaves the station each day,
 indeed many times a day, 
and if you're lucky,
 you'll see many destinations.
Some you'll like , some you won't.
 Some you'll visit more than once.
You may miss your train if you stop
to catch a cup a'joe.
so you'll catch the next train-
and you'll meet people on that errant trip you may never have otherwise  met.
Next time you may grab your joe at home.
 But remember there's a new train leaving tomorrow morning

and Whether or not you've reserved your ticket, you're going somewhere- 
and your train may or may not arrive on time. 

There's  a seat on every train That could be yours.
It may be in the front it may be in the back.
It may be somewhere in the middle.
You may be the only one on the train! 
You may like that. You may not.

 It might be a rickety train that rattles and rolls. 
Or a high speed Accela that gets you there in half the time.
Some  passengers are deep in conversation. 
have their headphones on, 
 are reading the paper. 
Some are fast asleep.
They may miss that awesome sunrise casting a reflection on their cheek
with the rhythm of the steadily moving train .  
All are on their own individual journeys  aboard the same train.
Same train. Different destinations.

 Getting off at different stops.

Somewhere always gets you to the next somewhere.
 Just get up and catch your train.
It's leaving.

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