Friday, August 31, 2012

Caretakers of God's Creation: God's Stewards were Here

I like to think of myself as a Care-taker.

The image of caretaker might be one like this- 
someone who's responsible for a piece of land  and everything on it;
 All of its functional and beautiful  parts. 
Or the image of a mother embracing her babe.

 I think when we look at our lives this way-
 see ourselves as called  to be caretakers- 
we stand up a little straighter- 
and take a little more pride in everything we do
 From raising our kids to what we feed ourselves-
  -physically and spiritually-
 to how we keep our homes, 
how we connect with one another and nature.
From the careers we're paid for to the dishes we do.

Everything we're in contact with, we've got a responsibility to.

It's our craftsmanship-
 -our pride in who we are-
 and how we care for ourselves and others-

 that special stamp we leave on everything
 that says 
"God's steward was here."

 I see a smugly smiling cartoon character laying on a lush green swath of grass with a pair of exaggerated scissors trimming it just to his aesthetic.  

I like the idea of stewardship.
 Taking responsibility for our part in everything- in outcomes where we've been present. From picking up a Nature Valley Granola Bar wrapper from the ground
 to comforting a wounded soul.
 From reassuring one of your own to conversing with a passerby.

We are called to leave our mark upon everything we do.  

The  Mark that says, 

"something she said, or something she did had an impact"

In some way we'll remember she was here.

So if I fold some clothes for you or share my joy somehow with  you
- the mark I leave is my stewardship for you.

 I am called to be a steward, and you are too. 
We are caretakers for God's creation
 and we've got work to do.

 It's  Craftsmanship and Pride
   but it's awe and  gratitude too.

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