Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Cheetah The Spider and Me

The Cheetah The Spider and Me

Last night I dreamed
There was a Cheetah
In the tree
Right Outside My house

And then all of a sudden
She was coming inside

Right inside my house

Leaping through the open window
Knocking over My Bottled up Bliss

I wanted to be
A Big Cat Trainer as a Child
Back when I used to dream of Spiders
And awaken afraid

Someone told me
To strike them with a red hot poker
And they’d leave my dreams

But Now
There’s a Cheetah in my house
Right inside my house

Maybe it’s because
I watched so much Wild Kingdom as a child
Or because so many domestic cats
Followed me home


  What are the odds
You’ll get to train a Cheetah?
Or a Leopard or a Lion?

The odds are low if you’re afraid

There’s a Cheetah
In my house
Right inside my house

And I’m hiding behind a wall
Peeking around a corner
Right inside my house

She’s looking right at me
She’s holding my gaze
She’s moving her litheness toward me

But my Children
Are in this house
Right inside this house

With Lions to train

And I’m hiding behind a wall
And She’s looking right at me

If I don’t train her now
She’ll swallow me whole
She may swallow them whole
Right inside my house

But my alarm clock is ringing
It’s time to wake up
I muster the oomph
And I Rise

And I see that she’s wandered
That Cheetah-Cat’s wandered
Leaving all of her nerve and her guise

She’s leapt on the windowsill
Knocked off the cork
Of my bottled–up bliss
Now it’s free

It flows down the sill
And onto the counter
And over my laptop and me

And right in this house
In my very own house
She’s re-leased the Cheetah in me.

There’s a Spider on her shoulder
And we’re moving together
The Cheetah The Spider and Me.

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