Friday, May 6, 2011

Making a Difference: An Ongoing Story, An Ongoing Art

No one makes a difference 
the way that YOU do, 

because no one else has
the same tools that you do.

And no One conveys 
what You can convey 
expressing just what you do
in quite the same way

Because what YOU'VE got
not another quite has
not a one single lad, not a single lass'

And if YOU ever question
 what YOU"VE got to share
just pull out a strand of your very own hair
And realize this:

 -YOU are quite rare-

Your DNA can't be matched.
You were meant to be here.

And don't you dare question
Your importance
Your worth-
For you are woven into the Fabric of this spectacular Earth.
And each strand has a purpose
Each strand tells a part
of an ongoing story--
It's an ongoing Art.

And even if you still
Can't quite figure it out
You're in the hand of THE Artist
And He has no Doubt.

He's sculpting you yet
even now
 as we wait
He's molding 
and carving
he has yet to abate-

For He has created
this present that's YOU
and he's given no other 
the same"Gift-Blend" as YOU

That's why No ONE can say the things that you say
 and reach the same people in your God Given way.
No one can have the effect that you do
No one, that is, 
SO Go out there friend,
 and Do what YOU do, 
because someone is waiting
 to Be affected by You.