Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Voice and Light: Pass It on...

Let Your Voice Be Heard
Let Your Light Shine
The more you Share The More WE share
Sharing Invites connection
Reminds us We are connected
Like the cells of the body
The ONE body
We form the Whole.

But the Cells have to communicate with each other
in order for the BODY to function
As a Living Breathing Well-oiled Machine
We Honor then
Each other and the whole
when We honor our own Voice
When We shine our own Light
And there by We act and connect

And invite the other cells to do the same
And As Each is Ideally Functioning The Whole thrives
Each small light ignites in-turn another
One Small Light Can Change a Life
One Small light can Change a World


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stocktoc said...

So how are your Vibram shoes performing? I'm waiting until I start my next job to go shopping, but they're the first thing on my list! Thanks for stopping by to comment (it's been a while, I know).