Friday, May 21, 2010

Angels and Good Samaritans: You and Me?

Recently, I read a story about a Good Samaritan who, during the Christmas holiday, found an envelope with over seven hundred dollars in it, turned it in to the police, and received more fan fare than she ever imagined. The Local Newspaper interviewed her, and in the days that followed her mailbox had an equal tale to tell. Grateful townsfolk were eager to share their feelings about what she had done, sending her heart-felt letters and some even sent her cash. They appreciated the fact that she'd paid it forward. She wasn't even familiar with the expression, and was uncomfortable with all of the attention she received. When asked if there had been any temptation to keep the cash, she said that she couldn't have lived with herself had she kept it, although she had been considering the purchase of a new TV. Low and behold, another do-gooder responded by anonymously sending her a new HDTV.

Stories like these are becoming more commonplace. When times get trying, we begin to see ourselves as brethren and get to (as the Band U2 reminds us) "Carry Each other."
As in, It's a privilege.
I believe we're in the midst of a shift and its reminding us that
We're all brothers and sisters here.
We're doing unto others, as we'd have them do unto us. Sharing, giving and loving because it's in our very nature to do so. We're remembering that we're part of the Universal, and
We're unearthing our true nature.
And Nature always has a thing or two to teach us.
One winter evening, the temperature was well-below zero, and I was fumbling for my keys to open the car door. I had my two toddlers in the shopping cart. My hands felt nearly frost bitten in the short time it had taken me to get from the grocery store to my car, and I was flustered. Two Samaritans, arriving from different directions, one a man and one a woman, told me to get myself and the children in the car, and they'd load my groceries in. I didn't stop to think about whether their intentions were good, I just took their offer, getting my children hooked into their car seats. They closed the hatch of My SUV for me, having gotten my bags in the car, and then literally disappeared. l drove off, panicking, my hands now burning beneath my rabbit lined leather gloves. I never saw them again. They disappeared they same way they had arrived. They had seemingly come together to aid us in our need, and then were gone. It wasn't until I got home, and my hands recovered, that I surmised I'd been helped by Angels.
And Angels among us are becoming more and more common. They're called You and Me, and together, we're realizing that it's how we're meant to be.

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Amy said...

One time Lisa and I were in NYC trying to get the train home after a very long day. Our original train was canceled. There was a lot of confusion for us as to what track the newly assigned train was on. We were fumbling around in confusion and slight panic. All of the sudden out of nowhere this woman appeared and pointed to the way to the track that had the train going to Paoli. Then she was just gone. She was definitely an angel.