Thursday, April 22, 2010

Simple Ways to Give Back to Mother Earth

To me, Earth Day is all about simplicity, and ease and the obvious. You don't have to buy a tree to plant, or invest in more reusable bags to celebrate Earth Day. (I'm guilty of having so many reusable bags that when I donate to Good Will, I use them to carry my items in, and donate the bag too).

You can pick up the trash in your neighborhood or public park--lay down in the grass in your own back yard and breathe the air. You can challenge yourself to recycle a wider array of things than you already are. Hint...The box from your sticks of butter. The toilet paper roll. And one of my Favorites: the paper pouches from your morning oatmeal. A better bet still would be to buy things with less packaging all together--which are generally cheaper than individually packaged things. Remember the big Old Tub of Quaker Oats? They are just as good as they ever were. My Kids are teenagers now, but don't get me started on juice boxes...

Instead of using a coffee stir stick when you buy coffee away from home, (which of course you drink from your reusable tumbler), pour the milk in first, if you use it,and the sugar if need be, and then the coffee. You have now reduced your need for a stir stick. The action of pouring the coffee on top of the milk and sugar thoroughly mixes the coffee.

It's Easy and costs you less in the long run! Just use less. See what you can do with out. You would be surprised at the difference between want and need.
The distance is so great between these two foes, they can hardly see one another.
And there's always the If it's yellow, let it mellow rule.

So do your part in whatever simple costless way you choose. Mother Earth Wins

and so do you.

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