Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetry, Prose and Professor's Woes

I capitalize things left and right...and when I begin writing, everything is in nice paragraphs, and then it morphs into poetic form-- My own Poetic form. When I read about all of the different types of poetry and prose, and prose poetry, I find myself trying to categorize my writing and I don't want to do that, Because

It's a little like poetry
and a little like prose
It's a little like lyric
or like sand between your toes

It's a little ungrammatical
and sometimes yes, verbose
Sometimes hackneyed
sometimes stilted
(Those are professors woes.)

But it's mine
it's expression
it's the only way to go
it's imperfectly entertaining
(sometimes yes, sometimes no)

so I silence both the editor
and the critic
and let free
the wild Child that Exists
inside of you, inside of me.

Variant Capitalization (It's in the DSMIV, right beside Spontaneous Breaking into Song)

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