Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love is Stronger than Fear

In the Inner Harbor of Baltimore,
My Daughter and I recently encountered, as we have in the past, a Homeless man, who was hunkered down for the night under a few sleeping bags with his book, and all of his belongings. We were walking home from dinner; our dinner at the restaurant, which often has a two hour wait.
After a long day of touring colleges, we had been so hungry that we ordered an appetizer and a meal. The appetizer was enormous, and ravenous as we were, we ate it hungrily. There was still some to spare. When our meals arrived, we picked at them, out of obligation, but decided to take the whole portions home, although we were staying in a hotel, and leaving early the next morning, and likely wouldn't have even eaten them.

As we passed the man, he made some gesture to us, to alert us he was there. We kept walking, but then looked at each other and said,
"Should we give him our left overs?"

We decided we would. We walked towards him, and asked,
"Are You hungry?"
He replied,
"I never turn down food."

He thanked us,
as a neighbor might do when you loan him your ladder.
I told him what was in the bag and how good the food was.
I said I hoped he enjoyed it, and we moved on.
We felt good.
As we left, a local woman walked by,
and acknowledged the homeless man.
She called him James.

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