Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grist For the Mill

As a writer sometimes I'm hard on myself.
Because I'm not keeping a regular schedule writing.
I'm not writing enough.
I'm tempted to take the advice of Writing journals.
Journals that insist we must write on a schedule-
that we give less credence to our own soul's suggestion.

But I've found that my writing soul is soothed best when I listen to it;
writing when I feel most moved to write.
When I'm inspired.
When I'm full to the brim and have something to say.

Of course, I'm not paying any Bills with my writing.
But there'll never be a shortage of things to say.

Our pace may slow down at times, but we never really stop creating.

But I do give myself credit when I comment on blogs or articles.
I may have existing writing projects that are in limbo.

But often
a blog post or essay I've read
has ignited a spark in me--
and I end up writing,
at that moment,
about something that has lain dormant

-something I was avoiding acknowledging-

until it was brought to the forefront of my attention
and the scales were tipped.

I also give myself credit for parking at the far side of the parking lot.
I give myself credit for taking the steps instead of the elevator.

I once vowed on a cruise (as our rooms were on the eleventh floor)
that I would not take the elevator for the whole voyage.

I surmised that taking the stairs everywhere
would keep my heart rate up throughout the day,
without having to formally exercise.

But I had to break my vow.
I did ride the elevator once
with my daughter on a stretcher
and she and I were airlifted off the ship
in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.
to a Children's Hospital in Houston.

It's One Year later, and She's Perfectly Well Now.

That's one of My stalled writing projects.

I think we are creating every moment.
Creating Family nourishment when we make dinner
although it may be hurried
and simple.

We create security when we do the laundry
and fold it
and have it ready for the next day.

We create goodwill when we sit with our pets
and smile
and quietly contemplate.

Grist for our mills; the every day.

For we are always milling
the grain that will
be food for our souls

Our own personal souls
and the souls of those for whom we care.

The ONE soul.

There are days I feel an undeniable urge
an urge to relate
an urge to create

and to record it all--

I Remember those Days.

There are days when I am a receptacle,
And Days when I am a Writer.

And that's OK With Me.

Look at that
I wrote an unexpected Blog post today.

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