Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Long Lost Bloggers: We Miss You

Come Back, Please!

The Blogosphere has an empty spot

since you've been gone

and it's all off- kilter!

It's missing your song

It's missing a melody

That clearly belongs

It's missing your piece

It's missing your song

It's missing a part

Only you-so can share

Come back! Come back!

Come back, if you dare!

We need You

We need You

We need you, it's true

Your return to us here

is long over due

So write all your papers

And take all your tests

One foot, then the other

This method is best

And we'll wait

If we must

We'll wait here for you

Reading lots of good blogs

Not minus yours, but in lieu

So when you return

All recharged and renewed

You'll be full of more inklings

For us, here to view.

Godspeed ;)

1 comment:

Kiesha Jean said...

That's beautiful, I love it!