Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Light

Peering into the box
She saw the moment of her birth
And as she gazed upon the light in the box
she knew all at once

She saw light
And More Light

She saw bare feet
and gone-to-seed dandelions
a pre-pubescent pony-tailed tree-climbing tomboy
blowing dandelion seeds into the air
spreading dandelion cheer

She saw stray cats giving birth
under the Oak tree in her back yard,
a cardboard-box bed lined with towels

She saw groundhog holes
and forts made with abandoned wood
tents and and flashlights and fireflies

She saw moonlight-midnight kickball games

She saw years
and books
and sketches of horses

She saw calligraphy sets and collages
and the Guinness Book of World Records
She saw the Loch-Ness Monster and Big Foot

She saw Moccasins
and Earth Shoes
peace signs and turquoise
and Bare Feet

She heard Cat Stevens
and Springsteen
The Grateful Dead and Dylan
She felt the comfort of an oversized sweater
And arms surrounding her

She saw Communication Text Books
and Essays
and Poems
and Bare feet

She saw the pearl-puckered sleeves
of an ivory wedding dress
and a mischievous Dalmatian puppy

She saw baby booties, and breast feeding
Dr. Seuss and Sesame Street
car seats in station wagons and SUV's

She saw broken bones
and broken little hearts
She saw tears
Many tears

She saw tricycles and bicycles,
skates and Lacrosse sticks.
She saw a 16 year-old Dalmatian
on his side on the floor
She saw tears

She saw Diplomas
And Cars
And She saw more tears

And then she saw trees again
and trails
books and collages
Hiking Boots
and Bare feet

She saw hunting dogs and streams
blogs and Writing Conferences
books and more books
an Apple lap-top
and contests

She saw light
Lots and lots of light

And she was back home
at the moment of her birth
Barefoot and Free
Full of possibility

And Being
What all along
She had been

and was meant
To Be

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MK Horan Vargo said...

Glo - That's REALLY GOOD !!!!