Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some of My Best Friends are Labs

"I Never Met a Lab I didn't Like."

-Spencer Ives,Family Dog Extraordinaire

My Name is Spencer

I am a Vizsla.

But some of my best friends are Labs

(Labrador Retrievers, that is.)

They're a different breed than I am.

Just look at us--

You'll see.

But we're more alike than different--

On that we both agree.

We both adore to wrestle

We love to fetch a stick!

We love to love our families.

We love to learn new tricks!

Each Lab's an individual.

Each Lab's a unique dude.

Each has a special love to give

Just like Vizslas,

And like YOU!

Some Labradors are shiny black

And some are sunshine yellow-

They even come in chocolate- brown

Some are frisky,

Some are mellow.

In fact, I never met a Labrador I didn't like.

I look for them each time I hike.

When I get home,

I look no more--

Since Chloe and Charlie live right next door.

And Yellow Labradors are such fun,

They run and run, and run, and run.

Charlie digs out from his fence

And comes to visit me.

He looks both ways when crossing

He's as careful as can be.

And then we're off to having fun

I'm teaching him to be

A dog who likes to point and chase

All of the birds He sees.

I wag goodbye to Charlie

When I go "Down the shore."

That's where I've got

My good friend Jake.

We swim and run some more.

Now Jakie looks like chocolate

And He smells just as sweet.

I tell you this a nicer Lab

You'll never, ever meet.

Jakie's got experience, so

He's teaching ME to be

A Vizsla to be proud of--

I hope that's clear to see.

And when it snows, I go to Vermont

Out there it's really cold

So Mom puts on my special coat-

It's red and green and gold.

We visit the Farm at Cobble Hill.

Aunt Peggy welcomes us there.

That's where her good Friend Theo

Introduced me to a mare!

In the barn and on the fields

He taught me to behave

I'm sad when it comes time to go

I wish that I could stay.

But then I'd never get to see

The other Labs I know.

I'd miss our Sunday visits

To the dog park where we go.

The black ones

Yellow ones

And the brown ones

All would miss me so.

And during the week I'd really miss

My trots along the trail,

Where Mom and I

We like to hike

Up over hill and dale.

And at the end

There is a place

Where Labradors convene,

To chase a ball and

And dive spread-eagle

Right into the stream.

Now I can't swim as well as them,

But when I'm done

I'm beat.

Mom towels me off,

And I jump straight

Into the car's front seat.

When we get home

I know that soon

My family will show--

By bus and car

I can't stand still,

They know I love them so.

Then they arrive!

I wag and wag!

A "Vizsla Dance" I do!

I love to play with Labradors

But I love people too.

They throw me balls

They give me rubs

They feed and water me.

They help me to meet Labradors

I'm Grateful as can be.

And when at times they're feeling blue

I make sure that I'm near

I'll nuzzle close

And snuggle in

And lick away each tear.

This makes them feel much better.

It makes me feel good too.

It makes their hearts all warm inside

And that's the doggone truth!

We're blessed to have each other.

And we acknowledge this.

There's not a day that passes

Without a Vizsla Kiss!

And when the dog day's ended,

I'll curl up by some feet,

And dream about

The Labs I'll meet

When I walk down the street.

Dedicated to Spencer, Who really knew how to "Spread the Love Around", and of course to all of the Labs He knew……….