Friday, February 27, 2009

She Hasn't Met Bruce Springsteen. Yet.

When I was in college, I had lots of odd jobs. I was a survey taker in a mall, a traffic flagger for a tree surgeon, a "flyer" at Sax Fifth Avenue, and "assistant to the Loss Prevention Auditor." I was a server for Katrina's Traveling Bistro, my sister Karen's short lived catering business. But some of my fondest memories were of my waitressing and bar-tending days. My sister and I had jobs at the Harley Hotel in Willoughby,Ohio--known for housing the performers who came to the Front Row Theatre, a nearby theatre "in the round," with a revolving stage, where "every seat is a good seat."

There was always a great Buzz around the hotel when the performers were staying there, and a great Hush hush surrounding the whole thing, yet many of the performers would come into the cocktail lounge after their shows, and just recline, often unbeknownst to the other guests who were there. This was great fun, and my sister was very adept at getting in on the star power--so much so, that she, and eventually I got weekend jobs parking cars at the "Front Row" Theatre, which afforded us the perk of seeing all of the shows. She'd meet the stage crew, and get back stage passes and offer up assistance above and beyond what her job required. Once she went into the restaurant's kitchen at 2am to concoct a nice soothing consomme' for one of the Everly Brothers. They were in town for a couple evenings and were good spirited and fun- loving. They asked us, "Where's a good place to go out dancing?"

My sister Karen, who's nickname was "Keg" in college, was on board with a location. And what goes down in history, is that, we did indeed take the Everly brothers out dancing. Now mind you, I was only about 19 at the time, and my sister about 24, and the Everly Brothers were, well, at least in their late 50's. But dancing--dancing is ageless. We had a Ball. They cut a rug. And they paid for the beverages.

Yet, one of Her best 15 minutes of fame, was getting to know "the lights guy" who worked for Peter, Paul and Mary. Not only was she able to get us tickets to see the show, she was also, after a concerted effort able to get us back stage, and what's more important, is that her intention was really to gift this as a surprise to My parents. We weaseled in too. But, it was My parents who had every Peter Paul and Mary Album imaginable, who introduced us all to "Lemon Tree" and "500 Miles" and "The Marvelous Toy" --such wonderfully poetic stories of joy and heartbreak--and Songs that could bring you to tears. My mother cried. I cried.
But I don't think I ever saw a Broader smile on My mother's face.
Ipso Facto.
And Karen?
She Hasn't Met Bruce Springsteen. Yet.

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