Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sydney's Catastrophe, and other Cat's Tails and Tales

Have you ever heard of a Cat named Cat-astrophe? I have, and I actually did, name a cat Cat-astrophe: hyphen and all. No, he did not have any formal records bearing his hyphenated name,for he was a cat, like all of my other cats, of "Uncertain Origin", and also of "Uncertain Veterinary care," but whenever I wrote his name, which I don't actually ever remember doing, It was hyphenated for comedic value. You see, I was one of those kids who came to the dinner table with my Handy Dandy
"Book of Corny Jokes,"
So I was fond of comedic value.

But, what has more comedic value, and what I
I thought you might really like to know, is that my first cat was named Sydney, and that he met an untimely and unfair demise whilst frolicking with his dear friend Smokey, in the middle of the Road, as Cat friends so often do.

Heart Wrenching!

My brother Michael proceeded to race me up the street to the church basement where my parents were at a church meeting of one form or another.
(One Form:
Marriage Encounter group,
Another Form:
Overwhelmed Parents of 7 group, praying for tuition)
The whole group was now involved, and predictably, to calm a hysterical 6 year old,
"Don't worry, we'll get you a new cat."
"But I don't want another cat, I want Sydney!!!!!!!"
And then, low and Behold, an Angelic voice from the crowd,
"My cat just had kittens, you can have one of them."

The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways,
when your doing His work,
in His Basement.

And my next Cat? in a long line of
"not really appreciated by her father, outdoor-cats":

Cat-Astrophe! Yes, that was his name.

And Why you ask?
Why Name a Cat Catastrophe?
Well, for all of the obvious reasons, like his running behind a stack of drywall and me following him, only to be slammed by said stack of drywall, and rushed to the hospital for numerous stitches on my calf.

If you really want to know, there was Toby, to follow, who indeed did follow me home from the convenience store, after I deftly lured him with freshly cut deli slices of "chip-chop" ham.
Sadly, he only had half a tail. It was just a stump. But I loved him just the same.

And then, there was Cola, yes, she was black as night, and apparently pretty popular at night time with the other out-door male cats in the neighborhood. She bequeathed both Pepsi, and Coca, one of which was sadly lost in a tragic bird pecking.

All true.

And what ever became of Smokey?
Yes, Smokey,
Sydney's dear friend with whom Sydney met his untimely demise.
Smokey was the Cat of Mrs. Francis, our "Indoor-Cat loving" neighbor, and he Lived to tell the tale, with a Jaw that was rebuilt and wired shut,( well I guess he had a hard time telling the tale with a jaw that was wired shut)
and he got a brand new,shiny glass eye!

Oh Mrs Francis was so lucky! Her Cat lived and My Cat died.

But Smokey Promptly ran away,
Leaving Mrs. Francis to tell the tale.
But I, I got a new kitten.
He wasn't Sydney, mind you, No cat could ever replace Sydney, but he was a pretty cool cat, who's name indeed was Cat-astrophe.


Erik said...

Humorous way of sharing your and Sydney's Catastrophe. At first I though Mrs Francis had the glass eye and wired jaw..... but then I glanced through and figured it was Smokey after the accident.

For those curious about what marriage encounter is.... check out

FREEDOM said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my spot. Ireally enjoy your music playlist. I had a dog named Bullet lol no cats but one of my friends had two named Mink and Spakey! Just gotta love cats!