Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures of Christ, Incarnations and Representations

When My son made his First Communion, We gave him a picture of Jesus. It sits on his desk, along side his lap top, and his mug of pencils and pens.

Every time I go into his room, I am drawn to it. 
It's called "Head of Christ."

 This Particular Incarnation really resonates with me.
Resonate: to relate harmoniously : to strike a chord

The eyes draw me to him, and I feel loved. He looks, to me, like someone you might see on the street, or in the grocery store or on the soccer field or a yoga class.
It makes me feel a sense of Deja Vu.
 There are Many, Many Incarnations of Christ:

 The Christ of Godspell
 The Christ of Jesus Christ Superstar 
The Christ of The Passion of Christ

The Christ in the Christian Church
The Christ in the Mosque
The Christ in the Buddhist Temple

And we too
are incarnations
of Christ Ourselves
Being Different forms

And They
The Christ on the Street
The Christ in the Grocery Store
The Christ on the Soccer Field

Are Incarnations of Christ,

Every Artist's Incarnation
Every Artist

Each Unique.

Every Christ on the Street
Every Christ on the Soccer Field
Every Christ in The Grocery Store

Every Christ
In fact
in the Yoga Studio

Every Incarnation
Every Representation
Each Unique
But Familiar
But Resonant

Ourselves in Another
Another in Ourselves


SchoolroomEarth said...

Nice poetry ~ I agree Christ lives in all things ~ the only begotten son of the father ~ Christ consciousness ~ and it lives in us ~

Seeing it in all, helps awaken divinity in all ~ Namaste is All ~

Now, we can fulfill our full promise and not only know that Christ lives in all things, we can BE the Christ in embodiment ~ Be the second coming of the Christ consciousnes ~

This is cosmic opportunity and Now is the time to make it happen ~ surrender the illusions of the separate self, the human ego, and Be reborn into the reality of who we are in Oneness with All Life ~ Not my will but thine Be done, because I and my Father Mother are One ~

I believe Jesus is a Master helps us along the Way ~ We are here now to truly follow in his footsteps and Be the fulfillment of his mission ~ should we choose to Be ;)

Anonymous said...

In the beginning God made mankind in His image, and mankind has been returning the favor ever since.