Friday, September 5, 2008

There's Something I've Been Thinking...

There's Something I've Been Thinking
And I truly think It's So

I like to Practice Yoga 
But Not so much Tae Bo
I just don't think it really is 
a practice one can feel
Like the way you feel your Yoga
( or like walking in High heels)

Because when I practice Walking
In heels of Any height 
I can make it meditation 
or a prayer in its own right
I can even add a little
Tai Chi to My Yo-ga
Because it makes Me much more Present
Like the practice of Doga
(practicing Yoga With My Dog....)
But What really matters most
is just to breathe
and just to Be
Whether Practicing My Yoga
or my Yoga-like Tai Chi

Or even just to stop each day
And Breathe one moment out
Because moments are for feeling
But if I take a different route
then I may end up obsessing
over things that matter not
like what may have happened yesterday
or that I haven't got
a better felt connection
to myself and to my land
when all it would have taken
is a second and a hand
to feel my heart that's beating
like a boat upon the sea
just like moments 
that are fleeting
Take Some Time, My Friend 
And Be.

So I try it every morning
I try to rest 
and try to breathe
before I get up out of bed
and before
I have to leave
and greet the day before Me
the potential yet to be
a day that I can savor
I think I'll Climb a tree...

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