Thursday, September 11, 2008

Background, Color and History

The Question:
Can you give me any background, color, or history regarding your creative writing talents and gifts ??

The Answer:
Well, As far as the writing goes, it comes from connections I make in the world around me:
especially with nature,
and animals,
and also experiences.
They stare me starkly in the face, at times.
The connections, that is,
As well as the Children and Animals;)

I am a thinker and a gesticulator, and I love the great outdoors.

I am of a more introspective nature, and am not afraid to look deeply into myself and evolve.
I learn an awful lot from observing, and Feeling, but mostly feeling.
Empathy is my strongest suit.

I feel deeply.

I am often moved to tears
I am an independent thinker, and I am a proponent of Individuality.
I believe we are just how we are intended to be, and that we are what and who we are
for a reason

I believe that there are no coincidences.
I believe that I married the man I did and am parent to the children I am for a reason.
I think there is a master plan.
I think that we have to be willing to go along for the ride, though, to play it out.

I have loved to write since I was a child, but wasn't a very good school student.
I always liked to write free flowing verse.
I began college as a Journalism major, but was disillusioned. Wanted to be more creative, and ended up as an Interpersonal Communication Major, with of course a minor in English.

I believe that my writing was somewhat stunted however because I edited myself too much.
I wasn't submitting to flow.

I only began writing again last year as a therapeutic measure, to get what was in out.
An exhalation of sorts.

So I began Blogging...and enjoying the self expression of others just as much.
I think abiding in the 'every day' has the most capacity for abiding in contentment.

Self Expression is paramount to my well being. I guess in some way, I would like to be an example of just freely being, I enjoy others individuality, and I smile inside to observe someone's skill or style. I like to encourage expression in all of its forms especially with kids.

I think everyone has something extraordinary to share with the world,
And I also think that everyone should just Be, and not judge or compare themselves against any other. Really, and Truly.

I have lots of struggles. I go through periods of Anxiety and Depression, but know that it is cyclical.
My kids are growing and Evolving,
I am growing and Evolving,
My Marriage continues to grow and evolve.
I continue to let go, I make mistakes, I correct them.
Flux, Flux, Flux..

..However, always growing and moving forward.
Obstacles to climb over, but stronger legs as a result.

We are here to grow, and I consider myself a lifelong student, right up until the last breath.
I love creative pursuits of all varieties, and don't judge whether what I am creating is "good" or not.
It's just expression.
I generally like what I see because it's an exhalation of essence
Which Is What we Are All Made Of

I think convention enslaves the soul, personally,
and I truly believe that a universal desire
is to be seen- as is.

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