Thursday, September 11, 2008

Background, Color and History

The Question:
Can you give me any background, color, or history regarding your creative writing talents and gifts ??

The Answer:
Well, As far as the writing goes, it comes from connections I make in the world around me:
especially with nature,
and animals,
and also experiences.
They stare me starkly in the face, at times.
The connections, that is,
As well as the Children and Animals;)

I am a thinker and a gesticulator, and I love the great outdoors.

I am of a more introspective nature, and am not afraid to look deeply into myself and evolve.
I learn an awful lot from observing, and Feeling, but mostly feeling.
Empathy is my strongest suit.

I feel deeply.

I am often moved to tears
I am an independent thinker, and I am a proponent of Individuality.
I believe we are just how we are intended to be, and that we are what and who we are
for a reason

I believe that there are no coincidences.
I believe that I married the man I did and am parent to the children I am for a reason.
I think there is a master plan.
I think that we have to be willing to go along for the ride, though, to play it out.

I have loved to write since I was a child, but wasn't a very good school student.
I always liked to write free flowing verse.
I began college as a Journalism major, but was disillusioned. Wanted to be more creative, and ended up as an Interpersonal Communication Major, with of course a minor in English.

I believe that my writing was somewhat stunted however because I edited myself too much.
I wasn't submitting to flow.

I only began writing again last year as a therapeutic measure, to get what was in out.
An exhalation of sorts.

So I began Blogging...and enjoying the self expression of others just as much.
I think abiding in the 'every day' has the most capacity for abiding in contentment.

Self Expression is paramount to my well being. I guess in some way, I would like to be an example of just freely being, I enjoy others individuality, and I smile inside to observe someone's skill or style. I like to encourage expression in all of its forms especially with kids.

I think everyone has something extraordinary to share with the world,
And I also think that everyone should just Be, and not judge or compare themselves against any other. Really, and Truly.

I have lots of struggles. I go through periods of Anxiety and Depression, but know that it is cyclical.
My kids are growing and Evolving,
I am growing and Evolving,
My Marriage continues to grow and evolve.
I continue to let go, I make mistakes, I correct them.
Flux, Flux, Flux..

..However, always growing and moving forward.
Obstacles to climb over, but stronger legs as a result.

We are here to grow, and I consider myself a lifelong student, right up until the last breath.
I love creative pursuits of all varieties, and don't judge whether what I am creating is "good" or not.
It's just expression.
I generally like what I see because it's an exhalation of essence
Which Is What we Are All Made Of

I think convention enslaves the soul, personally,
and I truly believe that a universal desire
is to be seen- as is.

Friday, September 5, 2008

There's Something I've Been Thinking...

There's Something I've Been Thinking
And I truly think It's So

I like to Practice Yoga 
But Not so much Tae Bo
I just don't think it really is 
a practice one can feel
Like the way you feel your Yoga
( or like walking in High heels)

Because when I practice Walking
In heels of Any height 
I can make it meditation 
or a prayer in its own right
I can even add a little
Tai Chi to My Yo-ga
Because it makes Me much more Present
Like the practice of Doga
(practicing Yoga With My Dog....)
But What really matters most
is just to breathe
and just to Be
Whether Practicing My Yoga
or my Yoga-like Tai Chi

Or even just to stop each day
And Breathe one moment out
Because moments are for feeling
But if I take a different route
then I may end up obsessing
over things that matter not
like what may have happened yesterday
or that I haven't got
a better felt connection
to myself and to my land
when all it would have taken
is a second and a hand
to feel my heart that's beating
like a boat upon the sea
just like moments 
that are fleeting
Take Some Time, My Friend 
And Be.

So I try it every morning
I try to rest 
and try to breathe
before I get up out of bed
and before
I have to leave
and greet the day before Me
the potential yet to be
a day that I can savor
I think I'll Climb a tree...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Loaf of Bread, a Basil Mojito, and Thou

I love to read Blogs of those who love to plant. I mean really, How cool is that, growing your own Hops? And Actually using them to make Beer!

I ventured into growing Herbs myself this season. I even grew
"a walk through" catnip bar
for our cat Tigger to enjoy.
It's no wonder he spent the entire summer sauntering from chair to chair,
dazed and confused,
just looking for a fresh place to snooze.

The rest of us enjoyed lots of Basil and parsley, as well as Rosemary, Lavender, and Mint, and

When Life hands you mint, you have no choice:
You must make Mojitos.
Mojitos! Creating a refreshing beverage from something you yourself have grown is rewarding. OK, We all know that mint would heartily grow, with out sun or Rain, or help of any kind, but...
I'm still proud.
I did in fact pick it and water it myself, and stand by looking proud.
De, Nada!

I even added a little Lemon Balm to the Mix. Decided to grow it because I thought it Smelled good, with no Idea of How to use it, or for what.

But let me tell you what this story is really about, and I'll Bid you Adios, Amigo.

We Were down the shore, as we say here in Philadelphia, with our very good Friend Cam, from Corpus Christi, Texas. He makes a mean Breakfast Taco, and so when ever he comes to visit, we are sure to have all of the ingredients on hand, which we did. But this time, I was all prepared with Limes and White Rum, and a full and hearty crop of mint.
"Let's Make Mojitos!" I proudly suggested.
My Tex-Mex Friend Volunteered to be Mojito maker. I handed him the shaker, the Muddling stick and the simple syrup, and he was off to juicing the limes. Soon we were enjoying Mojitos. I thought they were great, Icy and cool, and refreshingly piquant.
But Cam, being a perfectionist in such matters, wasn't happy with his efforts. He felt that something was just not quite right. He felt like something was missing.

I had been to the market and had bought some other things that were still laid out on the counter, in preparation for a simple Jersey Shore Meal: Jersey Tomatoes with Basil , Sweet Jersey Corn, a Loaf of Italian Bread, coupled with the blessing of Fresh Tuna, caught earlier that day.

Later, as we started to prepare dinner, Our other guest Mark, began slicing the Jersey Tomatoes. I was sure I had picked some Basil earlier, and laid it out on the counter, but it was nowhere to be I started looking in earnest for the basil, Just as our Good Friend Cam
began to make the next round of Mojitos. He was up for the Challenge, and he was bound and determined to make this one "right"
Only, he was having a hard time finding the mint.
I was having a hard time finding the Basil.
The light bulb appeared above both of our heads at the same time.
"I knew they didn't taste right!"

Yes, dear reader, We were Drinking Basil Mojitos and I Happen to think they were just Great.
Did We make the next round with Basil?
Umm, No.
Odds are pretty good, That
The Basil Mojito will end up on a Trendy Italian Restaurant's Menu one day,
Only garnished with a Clove of Garlic, No?
Umm, No.
Ciao,..... and remember,
When Life hands you Basil, Make Basil Mojitos.
Your Friends will never know the difference.

"Every time I've done something that doesn't feel right, it's ended up not being right."
Mario Cuomo
Lawyer and Former Governor of New York

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Cells are the Glue

Our INdiViduality is Our Most Important Gift,
for it creates the beautiful quilt of which we cover the earth, not unlike a Google Map image from a satellite. However, a quilt is just not a quilt if the squares are not sewn lovingly together. And the hands that sew the quilt are the hands of our foremothers: the Native Americans, the Africans, the English, the Italians,The Asians, ad infinitum.

All hands add to the Quilt
with each passing generation
and with each orientation
a new fabric is basted
and then once it's in place
it's re-stitched and re-stitched
until it's a belief
that's hard and fast
But If the seams aren't stitched straight
they can be re-done
for a seam ripper exists
that's second to none

But it has to be used
with ultimate care
for the squares of the quilt
are antique and they're rare
for with each generation
the past that's within
gets harder to see
but yet it's still kin
And they can be re-sewn
re-stitched bit by bit
And the quilt will be softer
-no question-
for it
has the purpose of swaddling
each new little square
quilts in their own right
to the world laid bare.
But one small square
can't keep a man warm
It takes many
to cover the average man's form
but they must be connected
to satisfy the need
that's deep in the heart
of each square
of each seed

And How interesting would it be
If each square was the same?
If each child was given
the very same name?
And I don't think it's just race
It's creed
and it's taste
It's what you choose to believe

It's that you speak
It's that you don't speak
It's what you eat
And what you don't eat
and what you drink
and what you don't drink

But when you're transparent
It's so much more

and It's hard to separate
your thoughts from "their" thoughts
for the thoughts are all one
many sides on one coin

too many to count
many more than just two
and this is because
our cells are the glue

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
Martin Luther King Jr.