Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tandem Intuition

On Tandem Bicycle
They're Peddling Together
Longer Legs
Shorter Legs
Experienced Legs
Legs Less so

Yellow Shirts
Matching Shirts
Long Hair and Beard
Young Girl all Aglow

Peddling Together
United as One
Father and Daughter
Tandem Fun

Matching Shirts
Connect These Two
To Untold Resources
Time Spent is the Glue

They'll sense What They need to
With Every Stroke
He'll intuit when she's tires
for that's what she'll evoke

And if They Continue
The Bond Will Grow Strong
Like the Roots of a Family
should Be all Along
She'll Be Confident When
she presents you a plan
She'll be calm and at ease
Because of your open hand
And Take it she will
When times are Amiss
She'll know what to expect
and She'll speak you the list
of things that she's pondered
and things that she's feared
The sand in the Hourglass
Its Motion is stilled.

And It is partially since
You peddled with her
You became so In Sync
That You peddled some more

And Even when you can't
Ride Tandem Again
Just By Talking
Just Talking
You experience it Again

For a mentor is such
That you anticipate When
You need to engage
Take Stock and Defend
The needs that are growing
The skills that need care
The hearts that are fragile
Before these moments
become rare

Because growing means trying
To ride your own race
They'll need to ride solo
and set their own pace

But You'll Be Proud
and Be sure
That you've taught what you should
cause your presence meant more
than any words could

So I watch as you peddle
And I Resonate With
-The Intention of Connection-
And The Love that You Give.

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