Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making the Most of It

Dogs and children, I've noticed, make the most of every moment. If they're at the beach, they're really at the beach. They're running and swimming and building castles, and the 4 legged among them are running as fast as they possibly can for the sheer enjoyment that running full speed brings; chasing some birds along the way, but that was just an after thought. They're catching balls, and throwing balls, making crab swimming pools and drip castles.
They are Investigating life as it is in the here and now,
not a thought for tomorrow or yesterday.

They're savoring every moment here at the Jersey Shore, because they know their time at the beach has an expiration date, and they know they'll have to go back to the old grind, if in fact dogs have a grind. I'd still take theirs over mine any day, as I have a tendency sometimes to get stuck in the muck, and I don't realize it, until I'm climbing back up.

My kids make the most of this change of scenery, by actually
becoming a part of the scenery,
That is, inserting themselves, as it were, into a modern day Norman Rockwell Scenario. Choosing to eat their lunch in the gazebo in town, making friends with the trolley driver, and actually using it for transportation to and from their friends homes. They ride their bikes barefoot wherever they go, and post their babysitting signs at all of their haunts.

They find lost dogs and get unexpected rewards, go fishing, crabbing, clamming, and bring their catch home to fillet, eat, and learn how to prepare. Although they're teenagers now, they remember the joy and tribulation that a hermit crab can bring, and revisit an old pastime, buying feisty new hermit crabs replete with cottages and extra shells so their crabs can have choices. When we hear loud splashes on the bay in the evenings, they carefully slide the screen door open, so as not to disturb the possibility of an otter sighting, which has alluded most of us on the basin. He's a tricky little bugger, but he leaves signs of his visits on our floating dock; signs you'd rather not see. But he gives them good reasons to go outdoors in the evening, and though he alludes us, he gives us an opportunity to shift our gaze skyward, where we seek out the big and little dippers, and if It's clear enough, catch a glimpse of the milky way itself.

I am observing and marveling at their ability to make the most of every moment and make a mental note to myself, that
my time Down the Shore also has a shelf life, and that
the here and now, is here right now, for me to savor.
I think I'll walk to the beach tonight and let Captain run free.
Maybe I'll see a shooting star.

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