Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Riding Jet Skis and Opposable Thumbs

In the summertime, we like to ride jet skis. Our dog even likes to hop aboard. And it's no wonder, his name, after all, is Captain. I have no doubt, in fact, that, if he had opposable thumbs, he'd jump on and take off all on his own. Our friends have a Jet Ski they keep at our house, so sometimes, instead of riding together on ours, we'll each drive our own,
Driving your own Jet Ski, and just being along for the ride, are two very different experiences.

When you are driving your own jet ski, you are responsible for your own, and your passengers safety. Since they steer from the rear, and not the front, like a car does, the maneuverability is much different. And operating them takes practice.

When you are driving your own Jet Ski, you can see first hand what is coming your way--the waves you're approaching, and the possible obstacles in your path. You know what bumps you are approaching, and can brace yourself better than your passenger, who can't see nearly as well, sitting behind the one who's driving.

As a passenger, you are just along for the ride. Oh, it's still exhilerating and adventuresome, but

you just don't know what's coming, and it can be a much bumpier ride that way, and for some of us, a little anxiety producing, because
your own judgement is after all, your own,
and another's just can't be predicted.

When you are a child, being a passenger is a way of life, and of course, a precursor to being the driver. In the beginning, you know where you stand. Dad and Mom are the Chauffeurs, and you are the passenger, firmly belted into your car seat. The thought of driving never enters your mind, you're just happy you're going to McDonalds.

As you get older, however, the urge to drive your own watercraft can't be denied. And shouldn't, really. It's a natural progression, and a step towards adulthood. If it's denied, we are left as passengers on someone else's excursion. Not our own.
And We are each entitled to our own excursion, fueled by our own voice, which is the gasoline.
And since we Do have opposeable thumbs, we are able to jump on and take off all on our own. We can ride along side other Jet Skis out there in the blue, but if we'd rather ride in the bay, than in the ocean, We need to change our direction and ride in the bay,
and it's not only OK, it's imperative that We do.
Your own judgement is after all your own, and another's just cant be predicted.

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