Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something Wonderful In Store

There is great solace in the ocean. And great mystery too.
When we go out sport fishing and we leave the docks at 4 am
I'm certain there is something wonderful in store.

It may be the deep orange glow
of the sun as it is lifted from the horizon
sea from sky

It may be the seemingly impossible dance
of the hooked White Marlin
Tail walking on the water
Bill piercing skyward--

or a sea dotted with Sea Turtles
sunning themselves
on the mirror-clear
sparkling-crystal bed

or the mother child
whale pair
side by side
slow motion tail lifting
rising skyward
and fanning the surface

or the unexpected site of myriad moths
in the middle of the ocean
no rest in site
flying endlessly
until spent
and then resting upon the still blue

and polka dotting
the sea
as far as the eye can see

How can it Be?
A hundred miles out
nothing to sustain them
but the wind

but they fly
in search of something
or they fly
just to fly

losing track of land
and now pressing forward
because they must

they seem
out here in the blue
and I marvel at why
as I see them fly

one coming to rest
on my shoulder for a bit
and many
now resting on the sea

I am unsure
of whether they rest
or have come to their final resting place now
and have left

lacy papery wings behind
to become the sea

its endless flow
an endless source
of something wonderful in store

for those who wish to see


Meredith Simonds said...

What a lovely, touching post. Reminds me why I love the sea so much. Because of that "endless source of something wonderful in store." That's how I feel just sitting on the shore, looking out at what feels like my future. Maybe that's what the moths see in it too, only they don't hold themselves back against instinct like we humans tend to do. I greatly appreciate your encouraging comments about Writing In The Light. As much as I love blogging myself, I don't spend nearly enough time surfing the blogosphere myself. But finding a blog like yours -- so smart and sensitive and familiar-feeling to how I like to think my own writing sometimes comes across -- it's just the nudge I need to dig deeper for common threads like ours ;)

Gloria Ives said...

I was the only one who thought moths out in the middle of the ocean was interesting at the time
It really made me Wonder.

They seemed misplaced
but probably less misplaced
a Big
Fiber Glass
Sport Fishing Boat
to a Mother Child Whale Pair

It's Nice to Share a Point of View
Or a Tendency to feel a Sensitivity to
Something that could be easily overlooked
taken for Granted--
There is Wonder all around
When We Stop to look.
Thank You Meredith, thank you.