Sunday, July 6, 2008

Little By Little, One Step At a Time

My Brother in Law Tom is a pretty entertaining guy. He never fails to make me laugh. He has more nick-names than anyone I know, and he also wields more catch phrases that are all his own--Ways of getting his point across that either leave you in stitches or really hit home.
One of My favorites is
"Little By Little."

You see he has a fondness for projects,
both large and small.
 I like to marvel at his progress and his great Creativity.

He's a dreamer and a man of vision, and when you ask him about a current project underway, he'll proudly explain his creative approach, summing it up with,
 "Little by Little."

You see, he's OK with a work in Progress.
I admire that a great Deal.

I consider myself a Work in Progress.
I think we all are, really.
And as Human Beings
Learning and Growing are our strongest suits.

Little By Little
 we gain the experiences we need to get to the next level.
Little by Little
 we learn from our experiences.
Little By Little
 We grow into the people we are meant to be,
And in so doing
Little By Little
We make a difference in the Lives of Others.

Tom's Fiancee Alicia asked him how they were going to get their refrigerator up a challenging flight of stairs.

He simply answered,
One Step at a Time.

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Mam said...

Hi, Gloria!
I love that:
Little by little.

Your blog is inspiring; I am reminded to visit more often.

...and yes - cats are expert saunterers!