Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pour Your Heart Out

Pour Your Heart Out
on a piece of paper
and see what you find
Does it seep out
over the edges
or is it painfully confined
within the margins
within the lines

And the Contents
are they varied
Are the contents the same
as you neighbors
as your lovers
as the dog's without a name

Can you look at it
with eyes
Must you squint at it
to see

the vague textures
the details
and the spaces in between

And the contents
do they swell you
do they shrink you down to size

Have they warmed you
Have they chilled you
have they made you more the wise

Are you Willing
not to hasten
But to chasten
But to see
That the contents
can be modified
can be squandered
-or let be-

can be grown
can be shrunk
can be vastly under-seen

-but are yours-
and intention
is the only way to glean
if it matters
if the pages

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