Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As Plain As The Sunglasses On Your Head, Or The Heart of the Matter

Have you ever wondered where your sunglasses are, search the house and the car, but to no avail, and then realize that they were on your head all along? I must admit, I have.

I was so engrossed in the search,
I was unaware
that what I was searching for
was right in my reach.

Sometimes, I think we complicate matters by making certain assumptions. Or by assuming there is something to search for, when something tried and true is staring you in the face, just waiting to be noticed. It may be jumping up and down, flailing its arms back and forth just trying to get your attention, but you assume It's looking for someone else.

I truly believe there is simplicity deep within complexity.

Sometimes you have to peel back the layers
like an onion
to find it
and other times
you slice right through it with the force of an ultra sharp knife
it's stark essence as plain as the nose on your face
or the sunglasses on your head.

But when we realize that the sunglasses were there all along, There is a great sense of relief, and often a little chuckle to ourselves.
How simple things can be when we pare them down to their essence,
to the heart of their matter.
Even if we have to peel back the layers to get there,
We're there,
and once we've reached the heart,
that is where the answer always lies.

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