Monday, March 10, 2008

This Too Shall Pass...

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and realize pretty much right away, that the content is going to make you uncomfortable in some way? Often times, when faced with content that is particularly close to our own experience, or to experiences we avoid or fear because they are unpleasant in some way, we may feel an intense need to separate ourselves from the content, so as to avoid the anxiety that may result as we imagine ourselves in similar circumstances. It's that "What if" cloud that hovers menacingly above our heads as we hold our breath watching. Often, the best decision in circumstances like these is to decide in advance what we want to expose ourselves to. It is always in our best interest to avoid negativity, when it's possible, right? Sometimes It's unavoidable, though. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our potential anxiety for what might be enjoyable to the others we share these experiences with.

But there's a silver lining in experiences like these: we can learn that uncomfortable experiences have a beginning a middle and an end. They pass, like all experiences do--good or bad. If we allow ourselves to experience feelings that are uncomfortable, they pass. We can breathe through things that we anticipate may cause us discomfort. Flooding, is a term we can use to describe the allowing process. We just allow the sensations to run through us--over us, below us, to run their course with out resisting. We may realize that it wasn't quite as bad as we made it out to be in our fight or flight-ed-ness. And what's more, we may have the opportunity to see that there are other story-lines happening concurrently that we might have otherwise missed. Maybe those "other" story lines were actually the main story line after all.

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