Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Human Race: No Membership Fee.

You can really count on PBS to produce a straight forward documentary. People Like Us, Social Class in America is a really good example. It looks at how we Americans define"social class." Every perspective is represented, and as you can imagine, our perspectives are as diverse as we are, here in the melting pot of all melting pots. It takes a good hard look at how we see ourselves and others: based on income bracket, education, race, and breeding. It looks at Old money, and New money,and minimum wage existence. It looks at suburbia and farm living, and urban life. It looks at the "right" colleges, and Country Clubs, and how changing social class effects how you see yourself, and how you are seen by others. It looks at fitting in and not fitting in, and how we define and judge each other and ourselves, based on these parameters.

Ironically, we define ourselves in relation to others, when our greatest gift is our individuality: what makes each one of us an entity to which there is no comparison. Whether we come from Appalachia, or the Midwest; spend our summers in "The Hamptons" or Nantucket, or in a cardboard box in an alley, the truth is, we all belong to one club of magnificent individuals: The Human Race. And there is no membership fee. Membership is afforded by legacy only. Legacy of birth. Our membership never expires, and affords many benefits to those of OUR kind. Human Kind. Benefits include, but are not limited to: connection, diversity and unlimited potential for compassion, kindness and love. Since all members come from the same "stock", all are siblings and considered Family. As such, we share with one another--our strengths and our weaknesses, our suffering and our triumphs, our wisdom and our longing. And we only have one real rule. The Golden Rule. One size Fits All.

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