Monday, February 18, 2008

Everyone and Everything in their Best Light

Have you ever picked up a pair of sunglasses, and instinctively clean them, before you even put them on? You know that the lenses are delicate, and that any mishandling can cause oily smudges.The same is true of our inner lens. The lens through which we see the world. It is our world view; our perspective, and we need to take a close look at our inner lens to see if it is smudged by negativity and pessimism or crystal clear with positivity and optimism.What I have realized is that you must choose to view everyone and every circumstance it their best light. A light has finally gone off in me. And it was following a great darkness. It is like someone else picking up your sunglasses and saying "How can you see through these? That would drive me crazy!" You were wearing them so long that the view became familiar. You actually thought that was the way the world really looked. Such is the difference between individuals who choose to see the world in different ways. It is a choice. It is all a matter of what we focus on. The faults? or the Strengths? What will we choose to illuminate, to ourselves and to others?
"Once in a while it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way they have been told to."
- Alan Keightley
There are many degrees of pain, But, there are MANY MANY more degrees of Joy. And Joy can only be found when we look for it. When we intend to see it..It is The light that exists in us all, and in every circumstance that is sent into our experience.
"... It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness..."
The veil of negativity and pessimism colors your interactions with everyone, and when we look through that tainted lens, not only is everything we see also tainted, and the individuals we interact with imposters, but also the way We are viewed by others is afforded that same light. When we don't see others in their best light, we in turn, are robbed of the battery that powers our own light. We then have to take responsibility for what we bring into our own worlds, good or bad. Let us then, intend now, that all other veils be lifted, so that our view is crystal clear. This will involve surrender, and knowing this, we can move within the moment and forward into future moments--knowing, that we will be shown, because we will be looking.
Negativity weighs so much more than positivity. In fact, positivity is positively weightless. Seeing God's presence all around us affords a beautiful view and it allows us to travel light. Negativity is unnecessary baggage. It is extra shoes, and extra coats and extra hats, when in order to walk along the beach of our potential life, all we need is the bare feet we were born with.

"For what a man thinks, that he becomes".
- Emerson

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