Thursday, January 3, 2008

What are You Made Of?

What Are You Made Of?

What makes You who You are

Do you show it?

Do you Speak it?

Do you strum it on Guitar?
Do occurrences in the world
Become embedded in your soul?
Are Harmony and Unity some of your Lifetime Goals?
Do you Celebrate the underdog?
Can you Stop to Breathe The air?
Are you concerned about the future
Or do you step out with faith and Dare?

Do you let the past remain the Past

And breathe each moment in?

Accept what this life hands you

Can you Rise above the Din?

Can you uncover faith in Humanity

Find the Gandhi-s in your Life?

Can you revel in the goodness

Can you overlook the Strife?

Can you value every single day--

The blessings that they bring?

Can you find at least a single truth

A bead on which to string?

Are there memories you cling to

Which help you carry on?

Are you thankful for the wisdom

That your Elders carried on?

Can you source upon that wisdom ,

When you need it and go on?

Can you look upon a little child

And learn a lot from him?

Can you find and pet a dog or cat

And savor time with him?

Can you walk upon this earth of ours

And recognize its worth?

Can you understand the gift we're given

With every single birth?

Can you sense the very message

That Is present deep inside?

Can you let your purpose find you

Dwell upon it, and Abide?

Can you understand that often times

Your calling will be tough?

Will you breathe in faith and Soldier On

Commit to Growth and become Strong?

Will you Share the Gifts you're given

Will you find that love Prevails?

Are you satisfied with Status Quo?

Does it Bother you to fail?

Can you think about

What You're about—

Might you even write it down?

Will it Bother you to have it read?

Can you see how far you've come?

Can you understand that you're Unique--

Can you wear that badge with Pride?

Can you find inside the courage

To no longer want to hide?

Can you speak your piece with confidence--

Can you state your case with grace?

Can you know inside

Deep down inside

Your perspective is OK?

Have you wondered Deep inside you

If You were meant to be much more

If your capable of something that you've never done before?

Are you satisfied with wondering

Or do you try and fail with ease?

Do you think that we are tied and bound

By the labels That we use?

Do you wonder if this world of ours

Will one day cease to be?

Do you let it shape your actions--

Do you squander?

Can you see?

Do you wonder

When your days are through

-If you're really gone-


Will you start anew?

Will you have a chance to right the wrongs

Will you learn from mistakes--

Will you sing a new song?

Do we have the chance

for a redo right now?

Can saying "My Bad"

Make a difference somehow?

Can you wonder and wonder and wonder aloud?

Do you mind if God hears you?

Can you stand up and Be Proud?

Can you Put Your Shoulders Back

And Step into the World

Know You Are Here for a Purpose

And Have the Courage to Be Heard?

Can you Live

Can You Learn

From this Life that You Know

Can you Find Health

Can you find Happiness

Wherever you Go?

I think that You Can

And I think that You Will

If you Commit Yourself Now

You will surely Fulfill

The life that Awaits you

The life that You're Due

The Life that is Lovingly Earmarked for You!

So Take a deep Breath

And Don't Step With care

Or you'll never know what

You'll be missing out there.

For you are Held

Right and Certain

In an all Knowing Hand

The Hand that knows


Line upon Your Own hand

And He's Certain

So certain, of your future It's True

If you trust him, Just trust him,

It's Waiting For You.

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