Thursday, November 8, 2007

When I Walk with My Dog

Lots of people talk to animals. Not that many listen though. That's the problem.

When I walk with my Dog, I learn many things.I observe his downright Joy at just having the opportunity to be outdoors with his fellow four-leggeds.

His nose is down from the moment we leave the car,
for he's sure that he smells them already!
And he's off!
Full speed ahead, no gear but high!
"I must go full boar, for I've been wandering around the house now for hours,
picking up socks
and bras
and sticking my nose in the house plants

But they just don't satisfy my need for speed

I need to hear the crackle of the leaves
as I leave them in the dust
and investigate
every piece of matter

for when I am back in doors
it's all the same

The chair
the couch
the bed
the crate

see it
and again

day after day

and it all smells the same

but I look out the door
and I'm sure that there's more
There's lots to see
and more to do!

Before too long
I'll be knee deep in snow
and I'll have to run faster

My lungs fill with air
my heart fills my chest
I sense there's a Deer
and a Fox
and His Lair

I must step with care
for we share the same Lair

And we share it with care
for we're only turn-takers there

And as I round the last fork
in the sweet smelling wood
I climb back in the car

then the chair
then the couch

where the vantage point is fair
to see a Bus driver near
carrying children I know
who have only one gear!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post: I loved it.
Your dog is gorgeous!!!
Thanks you so much for your nice comments: I really appreciate them.