Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here Goes....

I like to read...A lot. I like to Think...A lot. I like to Dream...A lot. I like to Ponder...A lot. I like to Discover....A lot! I like to Theorize a lot. I like to Encourage....A lot... and I like to Help...A lot.

I hope that somehow, through the words that will follow, YOU will be encouraged to Read, and to Think, and To Dream, and to Ponder, and to Discover and to theorize, and to Encourage. They are all Connected, and We are all connected, and With that, It is with a GREAT BIG DEEPLY DUG Breath, that I give you this first installment.

Your desires are God Given. For you to live them is your purpose. Listen to them, write about them, and they will come to pass.

Think about what moves you most--your passions, your gifts, your skills, your attributes. Think about genuine compliments you've been given through the years. I'll bet they've been repeated again and again, by different people, at different times in your life. The truth is: We are all unique. Of course, you've heard that before. I'll bet your preschool teacher was one of the first ones to tell you. Well, she was right. Everyone has gifts. We all have something to offer the world. Do you believe it? If not, why not? I read a book maybe 7 years ago, called The Purpose of Your Life. (Not to be Confused with The Purpose Driven Life,)

There was an exercise in the book which asked questions about your childhood. After answering them, which was fun, you soon had a picture of yourself. The author suggests, and I believe It to be true, that the qualities that made up your childhood identity--how you saw yourself, and how others saw you--WAS and IS the essence of God's Earmark For you. O.k.--Now I 'm not talking about behaviors that were a result of immaturity or inexperience, but of the soul's early attempt at making its presence a part of the puzzle surrounding it.

Who we were as a children is indeed who we are today. Can you see it? Maybe just a little? When you have a moment, think about some memorable childhood compliments that were given, or some activities that really moved you. Write them down if you dare. Now think about the skills that were required to engage in those activities...think about what those compliments meant in a larger sense, and how those attributes surfaced in years that followed.

One thing I know for sure, is that the deeper you dig, the more you're likely to find a valuable artifact, and that artifact might be you!

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Jonny D said...

Hi Gloria,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. A rather spiritual comment too I might add ;o) I checked out your site as well, very philosphical and deep :o) And winnie the pooh orientated which is nice :o)

I have some good news... but you will have to wait and see what it is :oP So keep in regularly contact with my blog :oD hehe!

Anyways have fun, be cool and god bless ya :o]

Jonny D out